Merchandise Guidelines

Perdue - We believe in Responsible Food and Agriculture.Perdue - We believe in Responsible Food and Agriculture.

Guidelines For Ordering Branded Merchandise on the PERDUE MARKETPLACE®:


The PERDUE MARKETPLACE® on-line store provides all associates with the opportunity to purchase authorized merchandise for our many brands. We work through our contracted vendor, Zorch International, Inc. (Chicago, IL), to provide this service.

Our brand logos, taglines, and, in some cases, colors, are legally protected through trademarks, which are also known as intellectual property. It is critically important that we all work with the same vendor to produce any branded merchandise. Working with non-contracted vendors, or vendors who are not authorized to reproduce our trademarks, puts our company at risk.

The PERDUE MARKETPLACE® site offers a variety of items, and all of them can be produced with any of our brand logos. A special-order program is available for items not found on the site. Contact Jill Alexander for help with your special-order needs, and she can direct you to the appropriate contact at Zorch. Jill continues to manage the PERDUE MARKETPLACE® program internally, and is available to answer questions.

Help protect our trademarks by working with the PERDUE MARKETPLACE® team.

David Zucker
Chief Marketing Officer

Mark Hardison
VP of Purchasing

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